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Invitational Art Fair

Bad Gastein has established itself as an art destination with international visitors, 70 artists over the last years of it‘s residency program and 500+ artworks created.

Since the summers in the city get hotter each year, the travel to far flung places is no longer a sustainable option and the mega-art fairs all look and feel the same: Let‘s revive the Sommerfrische, the old European concept of spending the hot summer months in the cool mountains, but make it Art.

For the second edition in 2023, art:badgastein invites international galleries to present contemporary artists in the historic former power plant, Kraftwerk, and in the public space. For gallery owners, Bad Gastein offers time and space to present their exhibitions and to engage with collectors and visitors.

Bad Gastein hat sich in den vergangenen Jahren als Kunstdestination abseits der Metropolen etabliert. Mehr als 70 präsentierte Künstler und Künstlerinnen, über 500 Kunstwerke und wachsende internationale Besucherzahlen sind ein beeindruckender Beweis dafür.

Die Sommer in den Metropolen werden jedes Jahr heißer. Reisen zu weit entfernten Orten sind nicht nachhaltig. Die Mega-Kunstmessen sehen alle gleich aus und fühlen sich gleich an. Da lockt die Sommerfrische, das alte europäische Konzept, den Sommer in den kühleren Bergen zu verbringen und überzeugt vor allem in der Kombination mit zeitgenössischer Kunst.

Bei der zweiten art:badgastein im Sommer 2023 präsentieren Galerien wiederum ein reiches Portfolio zeitgenössischer Künstler und Künstlerinnen im historischen Kraftwerk und im öffentlichen Raum. Für Galeristen schafft die art:badgastein Zeit und Raum, um sich mit Sammlern und Besuchern auszutauschen.

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Renowned artist, shown aside emerging ones, an enticing facetted offer to slow down, eat well, buy art and relax all at once.


Famous visitors and vacationeers from European Royalty to Liza Minelli, the Schah of Persia as well as Shirley Bassey make up just a fraction of the famous and diverse guests flocking to this mountain paradise.
In more recent history Andrea von Goetz, receipient of the renowned international Montblanc Art Price with the backing of the Tourism Board of Bad Gastein and the county Salzburg dedicated the last decade to rein- venting the town as a cultural destination.
And with her engagement pivotal positions of the European Art Landscape came. Renowned galleries col- laborated and supported her. Curators of global fame keep coming back year after year and artists such as Jonathan Meese, Gerwald Rockenschraub, Andreas Mühe, Jeppe Hein, Jorinde Voigt , Michael Sailstorfer exhibited over the years to name just a few. Loyal col- lectors have the jour fix in their summer calendars to join an exclusive dinner and exciting programming.

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Victor Ash (pictured left) painted in 2012 the highest graffity on the Stubnerkogel above Bad Gastein in 2300 m altitude.
art:badgastein offers the opportunity to show art in a new setting, contextualize with incredible nature and present sculpture in a unusual enviroment.
Art in public spaces has always been a part of the som- mer.frische.kunst. concept and with the invitational fair, we now are pleased to offer this opportunity to a new set of players. With art:badgastein galleries get to take over and shape the next chapter of Bad Gastein.

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